Unit 1 – Preparatory session for practitioners

In this unit you will receive a first insight into the topic of the EJO4Youth course, the Symbolwork method, as well as all the materials necessary to get started: a guide, information on the counselling steps and more.

The Symbolwork Approach

Symbolwork is based on a holistic approach, to get a person to reach themselves. The main goal is of Symbolwork is the realisation and enlightenment of the clients about themselves, their feelings, and their issues. 

Thus, symbols are supporting materials to express and to analyse yourself. With the help of symbols, an EJO4Youth trainer is able to provide people with an additional langauge when they cannot find the right words or expressions. Symbols act similarly to an interpreter and can transmit information one cannot or does not want to share.

Depending on an individual’s experience, a symbol may have many if not infinite meanings and is interconnected with multiple feelings, depending on the matter that is being discussed. From the perspective of the interconnection between the meaning of a symbol and the feeling attached to it by the client, there are no identical meaning corresponding to a symbol among different clients.

This introduction on Symbolwork originates from the working paper “Grundlagen für die Arbeit mit Symbolen“ (Fundamentals of Symbol Work), written by Wilfried Schneider in 2012. The materials and interventions used in the EJO4Youth Methodology are based on his approach of “Psychologische Symbolarbeit” (Psychological Symbolwork).

What do I need to do

Here you will find materials and resources which you must read before starting with the next units of the training. You will need the information of the following materials to continue learning effectively and understanding the upcoming approach and content.

Have you completed all the content of this unit? Please take a moment to review. Done? Please proceed to Unit 2.
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