How to become an EJO4Youth practitioner

Welcome to the EJO4Youth Learning Course!


Welcome to the EJO4Youth training! This is a learning course with a hybrid approach, combining learning in the institutions and organisations themselves, and distance learning, including self-learning.

Learning Objectives

The units cover various learning aims, including:

  • understand the benefits and advantages of Symbolwork
  • understand effective and constructive counselling
  • become familiar with the Symbolwork toolset and materials
  • learn more about different counselling approaches using Symbolwork
  • improve the skills necessary for an effective and sustainable counselling session

Please refer to each unit for its specific learning goals and content.

How it works

The programme consists of ten different units. Each module is organised in sequential lessons, each of them with specific learning goals. For this reason, it is important that to not miss any lessons.

Note that this is a blended learning course. Thus, there are online units, as well as face-to-face units. Only in the face-to-face setting will you be able to feel the power of symbols, features of the method and become effectively familiar with the physical tools. That’s why face-to-face lessons are mandatory.

In the online self-learning lessons, we’ll present you with the learning aims at the beginning of each session, so that you can correctly focus your learning. In each lesson you will have a multimedia resource, a written resource, and some action exercises to make the most of each learning step.

Your Role

As a blended learning trainee, you are expected to have a highly active role on your online learning process. You have to make the most of your proactivity! That means keeping up with:

  • Time Management;
  • Managing your learning priorities;
  • Personal organisation;
  • Commitment;
  • Self-motivation; and
  • Solution seeking to any difficulties that may arise in the process

This will be determinant factors for your success in this learning and certification process.

The assessment and certification of the blended-learning course is based on the attendance of the lessons, whether online or face-to-face, and the final assessment. Once all units are completed, a certificate will be granted to become an EJO4Youth practitioner!

Become an EJO4Youth practitioner!

You want to participate in the training and become and EJO4Youth practitioner? ? Contact your National partner organization to find out, if face to face sessions are currently offered! Download the Learning Agreement now and send it to your national partner for a training opportunity. Once you are accepted, you can start the course!

The Learning Units

Here is an overview and description of the 10 learning units of the course. After signing the Learning Agreement, you can access the self-learning online units by clicking on “Start the course” above.
If you are interested in accessing the resources provided by the training, please refer to the “Resources” tab below.

Unit 1
Preparatory session for practitioners

Unit 2
Basic Clearing

Unit 3
Resource- / Competence Pathway

Unit 4
Planning Pathway

Unit 5
Islands of Emotions

Unit 6
Exploration of Inner Images

Unit 7
Wheel of Feelings & Emotions

Unit 8
Quality Assurance

Unit 9
Symbolwork Application (Case studies)

Unit 10
Final Assessment and Feedback

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