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Welcome to the resources section! All materials and resources of the training course can be found here. Please refer to the respective units to find out more about each method.

Learning Agreement

Unit 1 – Before starting the course, the learning agreement has to be signed by the learner and the national partner organisation.

Course Overview

Unit 1 – Offering an overview of the course and the different elements of the blended-learning approach

Unit Overview

Unit 1 – Providing an overview of the units of the course, including short descriptions.

Counselling Steps

All units – More information on the main counselling steps of the EJO4Youth methodology.

List of possible symbols

All units – Providing a list of possible symbols to be used as a guideline and ideas for building a case of symbols.

Trainer Pack

A training pack with more information on the training, how it works and what has to be done to become an EJO4Youth practitioner.

Case Study templates

Unit 9 – A template for documenting case studies of EJO4Youth sessions.

Evaluation templates

Unit 8 – Templates on how an EJO4Youth practitioner can implement evaluations and assessments.

Fundamental Framwork for Quality Assurance

Unit 8 – Basics of quality assurance in the scope of the EJO4Youth sessions.

Guide on Feelings and Emotions

Unit 7 – This guide provides more information on the emotions that are part of the Wheel of Feelings and Emotions.